Wall reinforcement 12 times faster


Wall reinforcement 12 times faster

12, that is how many times the speed of the "Wall Reinforcement" function has increased. Wow!!!!!

Other changes to this feature include:

  1. All reinforcing bars with the same spacing and geometric dimensions are combined into a "Set of reinforcing bars", the layout method is "Number with an interval".
    In particular, this method is relevant for the formation of vertical reinforcement "Without grouping" since the time is even more reduced - the algorithm does not need to combine the bars into assemblies or groups
  2. Added a check for the allowable bend diameter in accordance with the standards. This edit eliminates the error when, with a large bending diameter in U-bars, one of the segments was equal to zero.
  3. Sorting by rod name
    To select the diameter of the rod added sorting by name


  1. Filter by rod shape
    To select the shape, a filter by the number of segments within the rebar family has been added. Example: for vertical reinforcement we use only one-segment bars, for U-bars - three-segment


  1. Plugin began to work correctly with different shapes of bendable rods


  1. Если при нажатии на иконку функции не выбрана ни одна стена плагин предлагает выбрать, а затем нажать «Готово»

Number of frames

We have completely redesigned this feature. As before, all settings for updating the number of frames are taken from the “Wall development” tab from the “Wall reinforcement” function, so parameters such as changes in pitch, indents, and the option for arranging frames are taken into account.

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