Change Level


Changes the element level

Option 1:

Running the function WITHOUT pre-selecting elements is a check of all elements of the model. The list includes only those elements for which the offset from the level is greater than the specified Tolerance in millimeters.

Option 2:
Run the function after selecting items.
Only the selected items are included in the list.

Work algorithm

For the function to work:

  1. Select (option 1) or do not select (option 2) elements.
  2. On any view, click on the icon of the "Change Level" function
  3. A window opens with a list of project elements that have an incorrect link to the level. If the line is gray, then the element is hidden in this view.
  4. Double clicking on a line selects the element in the view.
  5. Check the boxes with the elements whose level you want to change.
  6. Click the Edit button

Button assignment

Refresh updates the results of the list with the changed tolerances

Select All Clear All adds / unchecks all visible elements in the list

Hide Hides rows. When you restart the lines will be visible again

Show All Shows hidden rows.

Show shows selected rows

Isolate isolates the selected rows and model levels. The levels must first be visible in the view.

Edit changes the height reference of rows with checkmarks

Close closes the function window

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