3D view of the system


Creates a 3D view for each individual system in the project and applies a visibility filter to it based on one of the selected systems

Before creating 3D views, set up the main view from which to copy. To customize the view, do the following:

  1. Create a 3D view in which all systems will be visible
  2. Hide linked files
  3. Set the isometric view of the view on the ViewCube

To create views by system:

  1. Go to your customized main view
  2. Click on the function icon
  3. Select a category of system elements
  4. Select the parameter based on which filtering will occur
  5. Select a group of elements - “All systems” or just one system
  6. Click "Ok"

The number of 3D views created will be equal to the number of selected systems.
Each view is a copy of the main one using graphics visibility filters.

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