Create Hatch


Creates a custom hatch from lines and other hatches

To create a hatch:

  1. Click on the function icon
  2. Specify a fragment in two clicks
  3. Click the first time with the left mouse button on the lower left point of the fragment, the second time on the upper right point.
  4. Select elements inside the selected fragment
  5. These can be lines, polylines, fragments of other shading
  6. Select the required settings
  7. Click "Ok"

Types of hatches

  1. Modeling – does not change when the view scale changes
  2. Conditional – changes when the view scale changes

Conditional hatch type

Conditional hatching is used for:

  • cuts
  • surfaces when materials need to be shown without exact dimensions: sand, crushed stone, plaster, wood, insulation, etc.

Modeling hatch type

Modeling shading is used to accurately display the layout of ceramic tiles, parquet, timber, brickwork, panels, etc.

You can use modeling hatching in views:

  • move,
  • level,
  • turn,
  • measure
  • select the hatch line using the “Tab” button.

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