Pile numbering


Automatic numbering of selected piles.

Numbers the selected piles.


  1. Select the piles to be marked
  2. We call the add-in "Numbering of piles"
  3. In the window of the same name that appears, select the category from which the piles are made
  4. Enter the name of the parameter, into which the pile number will fit. For example, "pile_number"
  5. We indicate the starting number for numbering and the text after the number


  • Piles must be made in one of the categories: "Structural columns", "Columns", "Structural frame", "Generalized model", "Foundation of the supporting structure".

The order of numbering is in rows, starting from the lower left corner, from left to right, then up to the next row, and again from left to right.

Previously, the user needs to create the "Pile_№" parameter.

Instructions for creating and adding a custom parameter for the pile number to the project:

  1. In the Project, select the Control tab> Parameters> General parameters
  2. Browse> Select the General parameters txt file. Make sure you have edit permissions for this file.
  3. Create> Name: Sheet_No; Category: the one with which piles are created in the project, for example, Structural Columns; Data type: Text

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