Filter panel


Helps to select only elements of one category according to specified parameters

For use:

  1. Click on the “Filter Panel” function icon
  2. A “Filters” window with category icons will appear in the interface
    The very first icon is the switch icon. Using it you can change selection modes:
    "P" selection by parameters
    “F” selects with the cursor on the active view only the specified category
  3. Click on a category
    "P" select Type -> Parameter -> Value
    "F" select elements in active view > Done

The Gear icon allows you to:

  • Remove/add categories to the “Filters” panel
  • Move categories higher/lower in the “Filters” panel
  • Create a custom set from several categories. To do this, click “+” and select categories

The Filters window can be attached to screen edges where the Project Browser and Properties windows may be located.

Due to Revit API limitations, a window that is attached to another window gets lost every time Revit is launched. Therefore, we recommend detaching the Filters window and placing it horizontally.

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