Automatic filling of room parameters for a consolidated apartment brand

General information

Apartment planning is a set of floor plans designed in such a way as to informatively show the main characteristics of apartments.

For each apartment, a summary mark is created with the following indicators:

  • Living area of the apartment - takes into account only residential premises - type 1
  • Apartment area - takes into account residential and non-residential premises - types: 1 and 2
  • Total area of the apartment - takes into account all rooms of the apartment including balconies and terraces (with a reduction factor) - types: 1, 2, 3, 4 with their factor 0.3 - balcony; 0.5 - loggia.

Difference from Dynamo

The main differences between the function and the Dynamo script are as follows:

  1. Automatic update of areas.
    When moving walls and changing areas, the values are automatically recalculated and the apartment brand is updated. At the conceptual design stage, if constant changes to layouts are necessary, this function can be disabled.
  2. Divide the areas by floors.
    If the option is enabled, the function summarizes only the areas of rooms belonging to the same floor. This is relevant at the stage of conceptual design, when apartments and their values are copied from floor to floor and continuous numbering of apartments is not observed.
  3. Calculate the area of each room using the formula.
    The Function has the ability to flexibly customize the result using user parameters. To calculate the final area of apartments, it is possible to configure the method of generating the result:
  4. For the calculation, the standard “Area” parameter is used;
    Set a formula when the standard “Area” parameter is multiplied/divided by the custom coefficient parameter;
    Custom Area parameter set manually.
    User-friendly interface.
    All parameters for calculation can be changed to custom ones. The program offers a choice of parameters already available in the project, which reduces the likelihood of errors when entering data.
  5. Possibility of choosing premises.
    The function offers options for selecting rooms for which the area will be calculated: All in the project / All in the active view / Selected / All on the floor


To form a complete apartment brand containing the main technical and economic indicators, the User should adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  1. Place the rooms on the floor plan;
  2. Fill in the “Name” parameter of the room starting with a capital letter without abbreviations
  3. Fill in the “Room Type” parameter by entering a numeric value
    (residential = 1, non-residential = 2, loggia = 3, balcony = 4, general = 5)
    The area coefficient is filled in automatically:
    (residential *1, non-residential *0, loggia *0.5, balcony *0.3, general *0)
  4. Select all rooms of one apartment and fill in the “Apartment number” parameter
    Apartment numbers must not be repeated! The algorithm groups and counts all premises with the same apartment number;
  5. Click on the function icon and select the required range of premises;
  6. The “gear” icon allows you to configure the parameters where the values for generating room tags will be written. The plugin settings contain basic parameters that are involved in calculating ADSK Apartmentography. If necessary, the parameters can be replaced with others.
    “Auto-update of areas” - when the area of ​​premises changes, it automatically recalculates the values ​​of areas falling into the mark
    “Divide areas by floors” - allows you to calculate areas by floor. This function is disabled by default because not suitable for correct calculation of multi-level apartments and apartments.
    “Calculate the area of each room using the formula” - allows you to “adjust the area” by specifying a correction factor or parameter by which the area of the room will be multiplied.
  7. Click "Ok"


The function automatically fills in the area ratio for each room.

  • ADSK_Number of rooms
  • ADSK_Area coefficient
  • ADSK_Room index
  • ADSK_Area with coefficient
  • ADSK_Apartment area
  • ADSK_Total area of the apartment
  • ADSK_Apartment living area

By default, these are the ADSK parameters, but you can always change the parameters in the settings, choosing exactly those that are used in your organization.

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