Connecting elements


Allows you to connect and cut, detach and cancel cutting for selected groups of elements.

Select one of the editing modes, and then the groups of items in the «Selection 1» and «Selection 2» rows. Start filling in the text for Category, Filter by Selection, and Filter by Rules.

Category - all categories of the project.

Filter rules - a group that combines elements based on search conditions (the number of elements varies depending on the number of elements that match the search condition).
Filter sets - groups that unite elements selected by users (the number of elements remains unchanged until the user himself changes the number manually).

Selection 1
– the elements to which the elements of Choice 2 are attached;
– elements, the hollow shape of which cuts out the elements of Selection 2.
Selection 2
– elements to be connected to the group Selection 1;
– elements from which the elements of the Select 1 group are cut.

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