Move. Dimensions.


Allows to shift the values of the selected dimensions towards.

To use the add-in, select the dimensions you want to shift.

All add-on features:

  • Shift left / right the value of the outermost dimension in the chain
  • Shift up / down the values of intermediate dimensions in the chain,
  • Undo shift. Place default value


  • Enable / Disable auto shift function
  • Shift direction: up / down
  • The ratio of the width of the text. The default is 0.85. The higher the value, the more the add-in will give space for your text.
    0.1- the add-in will leave the text in place so it will assume that your text is very narrow and fits in the serif to serif interval
    5 - the add-in will consider that the text is very wide and will move the text far to the side

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