Creation of checks


To create a file with checks:

  1. Click on the icon of the "Create checks" function
  2. Fill in all the data in the function window.
    The collision matrix template is available at the link:
  3. Click "OK";
  4. An .xml file of checks will be created in the folder;
  5. Open the Navisworks file;
  6. In the "Clash Detective" window, click on the "Import checks ..." icon in the upper right corner of the screen;
  7. Checks will appear at the top of the Clash Detective window, folders will appear in the Sets window;

The function does not create search sets, as they are individual for each organization.

Collision matrix

  • Path to Excel file of collision matrix (sheet with matrix is ​​always first by default)
  • Name of the first column and row of the collision matrix

Check Options

  • Name of the sheet with Types of checks
  • Name of the first column and line of checks
  • Column Name: Check Index
  • Column Name: Tolerance
  • Column Name: Value

Check File

  • Directory where the .xml file of checks will be saved
  • Name of the .xml file of checks

Name of the test

  • The name of the check (you must specify the name of the columns)
  • Search set folder name

Formation of search sets folders

  • Folder name
  • Subfolder name

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