Creation of checks


Creates checks in the Navisworks file according to the collision matrix

After filling in all the required data and generating an .xml file of checks, open the Navisworks file and import this file. Checks will appear in the Clash Detective window, which later need to be linked to search sets. Search sets folders are created automatically. Search sets for each organization are individual.

To automatically create checks and generate search sets folders, specify the following data:

Collision matrix

  • Path to Excel file of collision matrix (sheet with matrix is ​​always first by default)
  • Name of the first column and row of the collision matrix

Check Options

  • Name of the sheet with Types of checks
  • Name of the first column and line of checks
  • Column Name: Check Index
  • Column Name: Tolerance
  • Column Name: Value

Check File

  • Directory where the .xml file of checks will be saved
  • Name of the .xml file of checks

Name of the test

  • The name of the check (you must specify the name of the columns)
  • Search set folder name

Formation of search sets folders

  • Folder name
  • Subfolder name

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