Exporting a model


Exports one or more models to NWC.

Note that this feature only works if the standard Navisworks NWC File Export Utility is installed.
You can always download this utility on the official Autodesk website:

Export NWC

Description of the main features:

File - Export \ Import all settings

Add Model - adds a line
To delete a line, select it and press "Del" on the keyboard

Export now - exports immediately after clicking the "Ok" button

Delay export - Exports at a specified date and time

Specify the path to the model and the folder for unloading using the buttons "..."

Path for models located on RevitServer (both options are relevant):
// Server name / File path
RSN: // Server name / File path

By winding each line with the name of the view, you can check or uncheck the box - accordingly, these views will either be exported or ignored when unloading

In the column "in .rvt" add the name of the views in the model that you want to export

In the column "in .nwc" add the name of the NWC files for each of the types

Export settings duplicate standard settings when exporting to NWC

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