Model Analytics


Stores information about changes to model elements.

Many users are faced with the task of viewing the change history of one element or the entire model as a whole. The optimal tool for solving is to view the report, which allows you to:

  • promptly inform about the removal of an element in the model,
  • understand the history of element changes, who changed the element last but one
  • see the activity of actions by models
  • see the project team involved in working with the model

Unfortunately, the standard Revit Log provides information about only one session of work, only for one user and does not save data about editing the storage model. The Model Analytics feature collects all the information and is based on the data received from the central model.

The report is generated based on the information obtained from the database. To work with the database, you will first need to install the MySQL database service.

To visualize the results, data export to .csv format is provided, it is recommended to use Power BI.

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