Specification of the finish


Specification of the finish

Adds data about the finish layers to the rooms.

For selected elements of the “Room” category adds the values of the parameters of materials and their total areas.

To fill out the data in the table:

  1. Click on the icon
  2. Select one of the options for choosing a rooms:
    All in the project \ All on the active form \ Selected \ All on the floor
  3. Once, set up the filled parameters - the gear icon in the right corner of the form
  4. Click "OK"
    The function will automatically enter data on the finish layers into all selected rooms.

The function does not automatically create a specification. Therefore, to obtain the specification of the finish layers, first create a specification with all the necessary parameters. The parameters are indicated in the function settings.

The data format for each parameter is multi -line text.

Since the width of the column with the names of materials in each specifications may vary are not opposite the materials. To align the values of the area, the function “Lease lines” was created.

Lease lines

The strings of the column "Square" in front of the strings of the column "Materials of the finish" are aligned.

Sometimes, after changing the width of the column “Materials of the finish”, it is necessary to move the lines in the column “Square Square” so that in front of each material there is its own area.

In order to level the lines:

  1. Select the required table
  2. Click on the icon "Lease lines"
    The lines are automatically aligned.

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