Finishing wall


Creates interior wall decoration


Selecting rooms

  • All in project - construction of finishing walls for all rooms in the project
  • All in active view – construction of finishing walls only for the rooms displayed in the active view
  • Selected - construction of finishing walls only for selected rooms
  • All in level - construction of finishing walls only for rooms located on the floor selected by the user

Finish height

  • By room height - the program automatically determines the height of the room, and then sets this height for the finishing walls
  • Height value - the value is set in mm, the user needs to set the required height of the finishing walls
  • Top offset: value in mm
  • Finish wall height = Room height – Top offset
  • Bottom offset: value in mm
  • Finish wall height = Room height – Bottom offset

Binding to the room

To assign decoration walls to a room, select from which room parameter and to which finishing parameter the value should be passed.

Join geometry - Using the Connect command, connects load-bearing walls to finish walls. Attachment is performed to automatically cut openings in the finishing layers.

Otherwise, the user needs to create an opening family with hollow shapes extending beyond the base wall dimension for further cutting out of the trim walls.

Finish options

Filters are selected in the upper part of the window for the convenience of further selection of finishing walls

  • Maximum thickness - filters by the thickness of the wall type
  • On filter by parameter – filters by the parameter and value specified in the wall type

Mapping finishes

In the tabular section, the type of finish is assigned to the base type

  • Base element - the type of load-bearing wall on which the finish will be built. Displayed by the program automatically depending on the selected premises
  • Finish element - type of finishing walls selected by the user
  • Border – whether to add the feature "Border of the room" for the created finishing walls

Save - saves all form settings

Reset - restores the values ​​saved before the launch of the settings window

Create a finish - creates finish walls based on user-specified parameters

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